Research Before Booking

Not all cruise ratings are created equal. Travel magazines like Condé Nast Traveler provide an annually updated Gold List. which breaks down the best rated cruise lines ranked by ship size, cruise type and amenities. Professional travel writers do a good job of comparing the statistics, but to reveal the real truth about a cruise line, read reviews written by past travelers.

Read several cruise reviews before booking. Regardless of the cruise line's rating, remember that each person's experience may vary. Cruising is a seasonal activity, so look for reviews from the same time of year and from travelers who have similar interests, like newlyweds or groups with large families celebrating a special occasion.

Considering ratings and reading reviews from professionals or fellow travelers can help narrow the field and give vacationers a place to research options. Cruise travel has evolved into an industry with something appealing for every traveler. Your research should lead to a true bon voyage!

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